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PVC granules

For cable industry

Plastic compounds are soft thermoplastic materials based on polyvinyl chloride, which contain plasticizers, heat stabilizers and light stabilizers, antioxidants, lubricants, dyes, pigments and fillers.


Cable plastic compounds are used to provide isolation of protective sheaths of wires and cables in the electrical and energy industries. Cable plastic compounds are a thermoplastic granular material obtained through extrusion during the process of the plasticized composition.

For hose manufacturing

Extruded PVC compounds are transparent or translucent granules.


Hoses, depending on the application, are resistant to ultraviolet rays, cold-resistant, work under pressure, oil-resistant and vapor resistant. Products and raw materials are prepared in accordance with the rules and requirements of the customers and the requirements of the application. Tehelectro-SV products are well accepted by our customers and are used for many years in the following areas:

  • braided PVC hoses;

  • garden hoses;

  • spiral hoses;

  • hoses for natural gas are pressure-resistant;

  • shower hoses;

  • fire hoses.

For the manufacture of shoes / soles

Shoes plastic compounds are used for the production of shoes by injection molding in the shoe industry.

PVC shoe plastic compounds are a thermoplastic material which is obtained during the processing of PVC composition. Polyvinyl chloride composition is composed of a PVC resin with the addition of plasticizers, heat stabilizers, plastic and dyes, fillers, etc.

For the manufacture of pipes / profiles

The manufacture of plastic pipes is a fairly simple process with low power consumption and low labor input. If is used a high-quality material for the production, such production can be called environmentally safe.

The granules used for the manufacture of pipes, more specifically the material from which they are made, affect the quality properties of the finished product, for example, certain plastic pipes may have different densities and heat resistance. As a consequence, depending on whether a granule for pipes used in a particular case, the pipe can be given other equally useful properties - such as oil resistance, petrol-resistant, acid resistance, and electrical insulation properties, that greatly expand the use of the product.

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